Last Updated 9/25/2014


Remember, while the below Terms of Service (TOS) is written in a somewhat cocky and comical fashion it does not mean that what is stated in it isn't true. These are the rules and how things go. Understand that this a GWAR fan site. Given the history of GWAR's album material and stage show antics you should be well aware of their content. This means that there will be material within this website that might be considered offensive by some. If you take offense easily then this place and GWAR are probably not for you. If you want your metal/rock to be nice go visit Lordi's website.

If you are under the age of eighteen (18) then be advised that there is material within this site that is not suitable for minors. Because of that all "Adult Material" will be contained in areas that those under the age of eighteen (18) will not have access to. However, this is the Internet and I can not control the actions of all members of the site. This means that sometimes you (the minor) may be subjected to the sight of a women's naughty areas or a horrific scene of gore or perhaps both at the same time. Just do what you used to do when you where eight and boobies came on the screen during the movie, close your eyes.

You agree not to post, upload or link to material that would be considered Illegal.

Adult members agree to not post, upload or link to "Adult Material" in All Access areas of the site.

You understand that this is a GWAR fan site and people will act in a manner befitting that. This means you will be subjected to name calling, verbal and emotional abuse and general hazing from the long term members. If that will hurt your feelings and send you home crying to mommy you shouldn't be here and deserve it.

BE WARNED! We do not talk about GWAR here 100% of the time nor is there blind worship of GWAR. We love'em, for many of us they are our favorite band but we talk about other things. For those feeling the need to "'Hab Out" will probably be verbally bitch slapped.

All Access Areas
There are areas of the site where all members, minors and adults, will have access to. The linking or posting of adult, overly graphic gore or what might be considered offensive is not allowed.

Restricted Access Areas
There are areas of the site where only certain levels of membership (all requiring the member to 18+) will have access to. There are no posting restrictions, within reason, in these areas of the site. Those under the age of eighteen (18) will be restricted from these areas.

Posting Links, Linking Pictures or Video, etc from Third Party Sites
There are areas within the site that allow the posting of external links, the linking of pictures or video from third party sites. You agree not to post or link to material that would be considered Illegal. You also agree not to post or link to material that is considered "Adult" in all access areas of the site.

Third Party Site Linking
Members will submit links and/or link to images or video from third party websites. We can not and do not have any control over the content of outside sites.

Common Sense Clause
The common sense clause requires you to agree to use some common sense. Basically if you act like an asshole you'll be treated as such.

Termination/Suspension of Service or Account
Bohab Central reserves the right to suspend or terminate services or your account without warning. Failure to follow the TOS/AUP or the failure to not be a flaming asshole can result in suspension or termination.

Right to Change Agreement
You understand that this TOS Agreement can be changed at _ANY_ time. We will make our best effort to inform members of the changes but the final responsibility of knowing the rules belongs to you.